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Aspire Pest Solutions is a women-owned business and operated company serving the greater Seattle region. Lavonne and her team of professional’s love dealing with pests and utilizing the science to resolve pest issues. We aspire to be the best in the industry with our services and knowledge. Lavonne has owned another pest control company in the past and found it an exciting career in helping her clients understand how pests get into their homes. We utilize various methods including IPM, which is Integrated Pest Management. This is the proper way to treat and protect your home. Often it is the most environmental process, which uses less products and closes entry points to eliminate future access. Our goal is to be your partner in protecting your investment and family.

Pest of the Month

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Aspire Pest Solutions - Pest of the month - Deer Mice

Deer Mice

Compared to other rodents the Deer Mouse has been around for a long time in the Pacific NW They are often cute, yet when they get into your home it is another story!! They can get into an entry point hole as small as the thickness of your baby finger.

The Deer Mouse, as with mice in general, urinate non-stop laying down a pheromone trail of urine to mark their area. Rats often defecate and urinate in one area near their nesting sites. When the mice urine crystalizes, it becomes airborne and can get into the lungs. That is the concern in getting the Hanta Virus.

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We provide comprehensive pest solutions to the Greater Seattle area, King County, Snohomish and Pierce Counties.  No matter where you live or work, our experts provide friendly and knowledgeable solutions to your pest control needs.

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